Algebra & Combinatorics - Ph.D. places

A list of our current postgraduate students can be found here.

The Algebra & Combinatorics Group, in the School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, is concerned with the investigation of combinatorics and semigroups and groups ranging from theoretical considerations to computational methods.

We are a large group of pure mathematicians studying combinatorial, structural, and algorithmic problems in both finite and infinite semigroups and groups.

We actively seek outstanding final year undergraduates, expected to gain a First class degree, or similar, in mathematics, interested in joining us to do a Ph.D. degree. Funding may be available from the EPSRC, or other sources, depending on the academic qualifications and nationality of the applicant.

More information about applying for a Ph.D. place.

Enquiries should be directed to:

Dr James D. Mitchell,
Mathematical Sciences,
University of St Andrews,
St Andrews,
Fife KY16 9SS,

e-mail: jdm3at

or any other relevant member of our staff.

Further information about applying, studying, and living in St Andrews is available here.