Algebra & Combinatorics - Members

Contact information for all members of the School of Mathematics and Statistics is available here.

Permanent StaffResearch Interests
Bailey, Prof. Rosemary
Design of experiments
Bleak, Dr Collin
Senior Lecturer
Infinite groups, symbolic dynamical systems, aspects of automata theory
Cameron, Prof. Peter
Head of Algebra and Combinatorics
Huczynska, Dr Sophie
Senior Lecturer
Finite fields, combinatorial designs, combinatorics of permutations, coding theory
Mitchell, Dr James D.
Topological groups and semigroups, and computational algebra
Quick, Dr Martyn R.
Senior Lecturer
Structure of infinite and finite groups, profinite groups,p-groups, varieties of groups
Roney-Dougal, Dr Colva M.
Finite group theory, computational group theory, combinatorial group theory, constraint satisfaction
Ruskuc, Prof. Nik
Semigroups, presentations, computational algebra, automatic structures, combinatorics of permutations
Theran, Louis
Interaction of geometry, combinatorics, and algorithms

A list of former staff from the Algebra & Combinatorics Research Group can be found here.

Research StaffResearch Interests
Coleman, Dr Thomas
Associate Lecturer (Education Focused)
Pfeiffer, Dr Markus
Research Fellow in Computer Science, funded by the EU opendreamkit project.
Word Problems of Semigroups and Monoids, Computational Algebra

Emeritus StaffResearch Interests
Blyth, Prof. Tom S
Semigroups and ordered structures
Campbell, Dr Colin M.
Computational group and semigroup theory, algebra
O'Connor, Dr John J.
Computational algebra, topology, history of mathematics
Robertson, Prof. Edmund F.
Computational group and semigroup theory, history of mathematics

Postgraduate StudentsTopic & Supervisors
Aljohani, Mohammed
(since 2016)
Graph endomorphisms and transformation monoids
(P. Cameron and J. D. Mitchell)
Al Kohli, Raad
(since 2018)

(M. R. Quick and C. P. Bleak)
Clayton, Ashley
(since 2016)
Aspects of automata in semigroup theory and algebra
(J. D. Mitchell and N. Ruskuc)
Elliott, Luke
(since 2018)
Topological groups
(C. P. Bleak and J. D. Mitchell)
Flores Brito, Fernando
(since 2016)
Computational semigroup theory
(J. D. Mitchell and N. Ruskuc)
Jurina, Simon
(since 2018)

(C. M. Roney-Dougal)
Kelsey, Veronica
(since 2018)

(C. M. Roney-Dougal)
Khalid, Nayab
(since 2015)
Asymptotic group theory
(M. Quick and C. Bleak)
Lashkarighouchani, Siavash
(since 2018)

(P. J. Cameron and J. D. Mitchell)
McDevitt, Matthew
(since 2015)
Semigroup Presentations
(M. Quick and N. Ruskuc)
Miller, Craig
(since 2016)
Semigroups, actions and Cayley graphs
(J. D. Mitchell and N. Ruskuc)
Mordcovich, Adan
(since 2016)
Probabilistic generation of groups
(M. Quick and C. Roney-Dougal)
O'Reilly, Gerard
(since 2017)

(M. Quick and N. Ruskuc)
Russell, Christopher
(since 2016)
Computing with finitely presented semigroups
(J. D. Mitchell and N. Ruskuc)
Smith, Finlay
(since 2017)
Computational algebra
(J. D. Mitchell)

A list of former Postgraduate Students from the Algebra & Combinatorics Research Group can be found here.