Algebra & Combinatorics - Former staff

Former StaffResearch Interests
Brough, Dr Tara
Automata and languages in algebra, semigroups, geometric and combinatorial group theory
Burdges, Dr Jeff
Generalisations of small cancellation
Parker, Mr Richard
Generalisations of small cancellation
Peresse, Dr Yann H.
Permutation groups and transformation semigroups
M. Neunhöffer
Computational algebra and representation theory
Cain, Dr Alan J.
Decidability problems in semigroup theory, automata and languages in algebra, subsemigroups of groups
Elder, Dr Murray
Geometric group theory, combinatorics, automata and language theory
Gray, Dr Robert
Groups, semigroups, finiteness conditions, infinite combinatorics
Kahrobaei, Dr Delaram
Infinite combinatorial and geometric group theory, and their applications in theoretical computer science
Vatter, Dr Vince